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Passed real estate course exam + Dow Chemical Summer internship

As title mentioned, the deed has been done. I will wait for COVID-19 to die down before I can take my NYS real estate licensing test. Aside from that, a big new update will be coming in soon with new banners and arrangement of how this site will operate. This will be fun! Aside from that, I have received my Dow chemical summer internship information and it seems like i will be in their propylene oxide/propylene glycol (popg) division. Gotta buck up on my ChemE skills! Also, I need to be able to format posts, long posts can make it look like a wall of text - and that's no good!

Site will be a idle for a little...

Going to be a little bit away from this project, I am going to take my 75-hour real estate licensing course and study for the exam. I will be back to add in the new items starting around mid-May! I'll be back. :)


Big edits: - Fixed "Forgot Password", it is now live and running - Navbar: changed "About" to "Portfolio" and added resume, added "Subjects" (notes are not quite up yet), added "Blog" route. Minor edits: - Edited .css which results to this nice format and colors. (Thanks to Ramil for some of the color scheme) - Changed main content size depending on sidebar existence

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Update Notes:

May 11, 2020
  • New sidebar navigation
  • First Chapter of CRE notes is up!
  • Contact page is up and running!

May 9, 2020
  • Striked out items mean they are not available yet

May 7, 2020
  • New navigation bar update
  • Subject/topic layout has been changed

April 17, 2020
  • Portfolio is now online!