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Work Experience

Dow Chemical

Improvement Engineering Intern Jun '20 - Aug '20

BASF Corporation

Chemical Engineering Intern Jul '19 - Apr '20

  • Design and 3-D model new process set-up that saves the site over $360,000/year
  • Create and update Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) for maintenance department to ensure a safe working environment
  • Streamline facility emergency protocols through change of existing safety equipment

Research Experience

Brookhaven National Lab: Center for Functional Nanomaterials

Student Researcher Mar '18 - Jun '19

  • Trained 2 graduate students in the use of atomic force microscope
  • Assimilated atomic force microscopy techniques for polymer film characterization
  • Assessed the biodegradability of microbial Polyhydroxyalkanoates for surgical materials

Institute of Gas Innovation and Technology Laboratories

Student Researcher Mar '18 - Dec '18

  • Designed a multi-chambered woodstove improving combustion efficiency
  • Automated the airflow system using Arduino and 3-D printed CAD drawings
  • Formulated critical relationships between air supply entrance and optimal airflow

Brooklyn College Materials Research Laboratory

Student Researcher Jul '15 - Sep '16

  • Determined proton transport at variance with varying concentration and viscosity of sulfuric acid
  • Performed impedance spectroscopy and viscometery techniques to acquire critical data points


andrew's notes

Creator, Writer, Administrator Apr '20 - Present

  • Personal blog with components of open studying resources.
  • Perform system administration through secure shell (SSH) on a virtual private server (VPS) running Ubuntu


Stony Brook University New York
College of Eng. and Applied Science
B.E. Chemical Engineering
College of Arts and Science
B.A. Chemistry


  • Reading self-improvement books Recommendations
    1. Principles Ray Dalio
    2. Atomic Habits James Clear
    3. The Compound Effect Darren Hardy
  • Experimenting on andrew's notes
    Looking at
    1. Flask Security For secure logins
    2. Javascript For better UI/UX
    3. SQL Alchemy For better data mgmt.
  • Cooking!
    Favorite Cuisines | Dish
    1. Indonesian Soto Ayam Banjarmasin
    2. Chinese Hokkien Mee
    3. English Fish & Chips


1. Entrepreneurship
2. Real Estate
3. FIRE Movement
1. Process Optimizations | DMAIC
2. Creating open resource
3. Chemical & Reactions Engineering